Thursday, January 7, 2016

OotA: Ep. 3: Welcome to the Darklake

Last time, we left our two friends and their throng of NPC buddies right in the middle of the Oozing Temple dungeon. They had just decided to head into the main chamber after having discovered the water source that was slowly filling the dungeon.

Shuushar, the gentle fishman
The main chamber held what had once been a presumably beautiful fountain, with only the pool bit and half a statue left. Four indistinguishably shaped sculptures grazed as many alcoves. 

The characters decided to search the chamber and found a magical drow dagger and some coins under the dark water of the fountain pool. Victor's rogue, Schnicktick, decided to steal one of the sculptures, eagerly cheered on by Jimjar. He had just touched one of them when they all came to life and took new indistinguishable shapes as yet more Oozes!